You’& rsquo; ve invested the last years far from star life, letting your songs as well as the generation of musicians it influenced keep your legacy to life. What was it concerning ‘& lsquo; Locked & rsquo; that made you damage your imaginative hiatus? I wasn’& rsquo; t on a hiatus; I just select the tasks I commit myself to really meticulously. Charles Granville and I are buddies and we’& rsquo; ve chatted for rather a long time regarding working with an imaginative task with each other. He has a history in songs and I’& rsquo;d assumed that was where we’& rsquo;d team up. But when he told me about ‘& lsquo; Locked & rsquo;, and sent me the manuscript, I

was captivated. What was so engaging regarding the personality you play ‘in & lsquo; Locked

& rsquo;? Solution I & rsquo; ll allow you in on a trick; I play not one, yet two personalities in Locked. I was thrown right into the deep end of needing to play two ‘& lsquo; similar characters with significantly different personalities and schedules. Nevertheless, I made certain I had a good time with it.

Without giving way too much away, what was the most engaging line of discussion your personality(s) had?

My preferred line of dialogue was between the personalities I played, Taiwo and also Kehinde. Taiwo tells Kehinde, “& ldquo; I have told you to quit talking like a rapper, you’& rsquo; re an old man o & rdquo;. You & rsquo; ll need to view the film to figure out

why I stated it. You are participated in Secured by a mix of experts and emerging celebrities. Who was your favored star to work with on the production?

I like heritage, so I need to say Hilda Dokubo. Hilda’& rsquo; s taken some time away from the market like me, so returning right into the rhythm of developing with a person who recognized was a true blessing on set. As well as that Hilda is conveniently one of one of the most versatile starlets Nollywood has actually ever before produced, my Taiwo as well as Kehinde faded beside Hilda’& rsquo; s seasoned job.

If you needed to think, what minute from ‘& lsquo; Locked & rsquo; do you believe will remain with the audience long after their cinema seats expand cold?

I think we made such a fantastic film that I’& rsquo; m tough pressed to select. It’& rsquo; s all sort of subjective anyhow. Yet I believe everybody who sees our film will certainly leave with an increased recognition of the challenges mental illness can give an individual’& rsquo; s life and also how much we need to do to destigmatize all types of mental illness. Mental wellness has constantly been a huge source of mine, and the role created for me was compelling. The tale arc finishes with an absolutely unanticipated spin.

Just how do you think this movie will change the narrative regarding psychological health?

Mental disorder is a range and also I don’& rsquo; t assume the typical Nigerian truly comprehends this. If ‘& lsquo; Locked & rsquo; can assist demstify a few of the misinformation around mental illness while telling a fantastic tale, after that I assume our film has actually done well.

What’& rsquo; s mosting likely to amaze individuals about this movie

? If I reveal that, it will certainly defeat the function of it being a surprise.

Who among the actors do you assume played one of the most challenging character?

Not at all being partial, I’& rsquo;d state Hilda Dokubo

What type of individual is going to enjoy this action?

I assume every person will certainly like ‘& lsquo; Locked & rsquo;. We bewared to develop a movie that wasn’& rsquo; t only great, however household pleasant also.


Just how much a separation from Sunny Neji behaviourally were Taiwo as well as Kehinde?

Extremely different. For one, I personally have actually never experienced the power dynamic of sharing your life with someone else in that way. The doubles are also Yoruba, and also they have actually chosen rather various approaches to adulthood. They couldn’& rsquo; t be more various from me

. What & rsquo; s your ritual for entering into personality before you tip on set?

I’& rsquo; m not one for a great deal of extra. So I just go through my lines one last time.

If someone was mosting likely to make a biopic of your life, who would play you?

Subjects of biopics normally have little claim in who is cast to play them, so all I have is a shopping list which I’& rsquo; m maintaining to myself. But I can’inform you, I wear & rsquo; t believe I desire a

popular star. Besides yourself, what celeb would you like to see tackle this personality?

Ramsey Noah as well as Desmond Elliot have both spent the last years playing leading duties in Nollywood. They’& rsquo;d justify the manuscript. If I had to choose a person younger, I’& rsquo;d pick Falz for his convenience.


As a climbing Nollywood celebrity, you have an entire roster of jobs to attach on your own to. Why did you pick to work with ‘& lsquo; Locked &

rsquo;? The Producer, Charles Granville called me straight as well as pitched the suggestion of the movie to me as well as the script truly convinced me.

What was so engaging about the character you play in ‘& lsquo; Locked

& rsquo;? Bobo is an unusual personality and his inspirations are hard to explain. Yet as a male crazy with tricks to conceal as well as secrets concealed from him, he never ever genuinely unwinds. I attempt to mirror this anxiety in ‘& lsquo; Locked & rsquo; while ensuring that I don’& rsquo; t over do it and also transform Bobo into a caricature.

What was your most compelling line in the film?

“& ldquo; I will certainly remove her nude if i have to” & rdquo; by Tokunbo. It takes place in a moment that changes the plot significantly, you’& rsquo;d have to view it to recognize.

Who amongst the stars do you believe played one of the most challenging personality?

I assume Charles Granville really created a really accomplished actors and also I was honestly surprised by the sort of craft they offered the job. Yet Hilda Dokubo needed to depict the entire facility nuance as well as the fear that specifies individuals coping with schizophrenia. It took a toll on her, however she took care of to provide a close to ideal representation. Sunny Neji double personalities, Taiwo and Kehinde come a close secondly. Playing double characters is a challenge for any kind of actor, especially one simply tackling the challenge.


Besides yourself, what star would certainly you such as to see tackle this personality?

Okay, now this is a fun question. I’& rsquo;d claim RMD due to the fact that he is an outstanding star and also technology will permit him to play characters at any age. Funke Akindele since I think she is long past due for a function that will make her an Oscar win. Do I need to clarify that of Ramsey Noah? Did you watch The Wolf Of Wall Road? If you have, then you know why I’& rsquo;d pick Leonardo Decaprio.

What’& rsquo; s your ritual for getting involved in character prior to you tip on established?

The minute before shooting starts can be extremely disorderly. Everyone’& rsquo; s walking around, trying to iron out eleventh hour problems. I take an extremely deep breath in that moment as well as facility myself prior to I get involved in costume as well as into personality.

Just how do you believe this movie will alter the narrative about mental wellness?

People of my generation are quite awake about mental illness. However they are also resistant to be openly branded as schizophrenic. I hope this movie will help him and other individuals who watch see that mental disorder can be as subtle as it can be turbulent which we require to discover to acknowledge mental illness in all its variations. Additionally, it doesn’& rsquo; t make you crazy if you discover yourself a qualified specialist to assist you comprehend your history and also your present.

What’& rsquo; s mosting likely to amaze individuals about this flick?

Well, Sunny Neji’& rsquo; s duties. The ending twist and the costuming of this movie are all high points in the movie. I seem like choosing for them will certainly limit the solutions we will eventually obtain.

What sort of individual is mosting likely to like this movie?

Individuals of every age, from your grandmother to your baby sibling will love the very pacing of the plot, our film’& rsquo; s crazy villains as well as heroes. We’& rsquo; ve made outfits with large ambition.

Just how much a departure from Abayomi Alvin behaviourally was Bobo?

Bobo is an imaginary personality, so therefore he is enabled a great deal even more liberty than I am. He is likewise impulsive, a trait that I the good news is wear’& rsquo; t have problem with. I really feel Bobo would be a person I’& rsquo;d fulfill at a show or art gallery, however I’& rsquo;d question we & rsquo;d ever be

buddies. What did you find most intriguing regarding Bobo, the character you used ‘& lsquo; Locked

& rsquo;? I enjoy the truth that Bobo is totally free and has a wild series of expressions. His energetic nature as well as his partnership with his mommy specifically, I found unusual however adorable. That permitted me a particular liberty playing him.

What did you locate the very least fascinating about the character you played in the film

I despise the fact that he comes off as a coward eventually. Particularly in scenarios where firmness might have caused every person immediate discomfort yet saved them from long-term consequences.

Who do you think was the most spherical actor on the actors of ‘& lsquo; Locked & rsquo;? I & rsquo;d need to state Hilda Dokubo. She has a way of recording your focus. Couple of individuals know she is also very funny, but it’& rsquo; s a situational sort of humour that only occurs when she is reacting to discourse from her fellow stars.

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