What’& rsquo; s testing concerning bringing this manuscript to life? I intended to inform a various tale from the usual, full of intrigue as well as thriller as well as I wished to make it relatable and also for it to additionally do justice to the cause it stands for. To do that, I needed to properly look into mental wellness as well as strategy the procedure of making my movie from a place of expertise as well as compassion. I spoke with medical professionals and also therapists, went on the internet in my research in order to recognize what Multiple Personality Disorder is.

I likewise wished to entail organisations that promote psychological health recognition as well as supporter for patients. Yet the companies I engaged and the celebrities I spoke to appeared unwilling to affix themselves to the job. This was rather discouraging due to the fact that I saw what I was doing as an opportunity for them to be able to tell their story as well as help to motivate as well as motivate others. Their contributions could have made the film richer, however it didn’& rsquo; t really hurt the tale we told anyway.

Selecting the cast was an additional difficulty. I wanted a cast that would certainly have the ability to tell the tale. Actors who can get to deep and analyze their characters in the most effective as well as most relatable way feasible and also I couldn’& rsquo; t permit partnerships and also sentiments mar my goals. Although I obtained some push back from representatives that felt I must have utilized a few other stars, I am happy that I opted for my guts in my choice since they all gave A+ performances as well as lugged their personalities well. I am particular that they will certainly all get nominations and awards for their functions both locally as well as internationally. I am very proud of them all.

Locked is entirely individually created. Was this a calculated decision?

Yes and also no. I selected not to entail exterior brands as well as individuals associated with the beginning of obtaining Secured made due to the fact that in the compromise of honesty of story versus financial bottom lines, a lot of brands would choose the latter. Only when we had a solid manuscript and the commitment of my actors, did we start seeking companions that counted on the story we wanted to inform. Getting brand names, people, and so on to sustain economically now has been a difficulty therefore much, I have actually needed to bear every expense but as an expanding brand, it is anticipated. I know that this will enhance with time.

I am not a complete stranger to being informed “& ldquo; NO & rdquo;, it makes me wish to function harder to get a definite “& ldquo; YES! & rdquo; So, every obstacle I have actually encountered, even the ones I can’& rsquo; t mention have actually taught me lessons and made me stronger. I am far better for it.

What led to your decision to generate a thriller focused around psychological health and wellness?

Well, look around us. Less than a years ago, Nigerian consistently placed amongst the happiest nations worldwide, currently we’& rsquo; ve dropped right to the base. Social media site has assisted raise the shroud on depression as well as made it harder to hide the several instances of suicidal ideation that lots of deal with. So when the movie screenwriter Mazi Akinola pitched his brand-new manuscript to me, I saw a chance to explore our cumulative connection with psychological wellness.

I saw an opportunity to destigmatize mental illness, shed light on just how it affects households, and also show there are various other methods to attend to these problems besides denial, isolation or torture under the guise of spiritual recovery. I hope Locked offers wholesome amusement to the movie fans who support our film while bringing some responses as well as possibly hope to people having problem with psychological health in our communities.

What do you believe the audience will be considering in the automobile as they drive residence after seeing the movie?

If there’& rsquo; s one thing I can advocate, it & rsquo; s that Secured rest with you. Beyond attracting your feelings, it interest your compassion as well as sparks your mind. It will absolutely spark discussions. Those conversations and recommendations are exactly how we want to keep the energy of our movie going, as well as all our cinema seats sold.


Secured is not just social discourse, it is additionally a very amusing movie that adeptly incorporates romance as well as thriller with a really enjoyable spin as well as orgasm. I wear’& rsquo; t believe anyone will certainly see Secured and not have a natural response to it.

Just how do you think this movie will transform the narrative concerning mental health?

We portrayed our personality with the psychological health and wellness issues with a lot more nuance as well as empathy than numerous film goers have actually concerned anticipate from Nollywood. Couple of individuals recognize the spectrum of mental disorder, and also our social conditioning teaches us at fault witchcraft and bad purposes for mental illness, as opposed to the cranial chemical inequality that causes young people to battle to efficiently involve their communities. Social network has made the trouble worse, by enabling people to conceal their symptoms behind thoroughly curated social characters. I intended to narrate that revealed our audience we recognize that in some cases a smile is a cry for aid.

What’& rsquo; s mosting likely to amaze people concerning this movie

? I can & rsquo; t hand out looters however I can inform you that you would certainly be most definitely amazed in the long run.

For me, Hilda Dokubo brought so much deepness to Locked, I have actually constantly known she’& rsquo; s an outstanding star. Sunny Nneji was fairly the illusionist, carrying out two credible performances. He was an excellent surprise. Belinda Effah has actually constantly been an actor I respect. She is extremely deep and attractive also. She is fluid as well as extremely versatile. She offers her best each time. Abayomi Alvin additionally did his character justice. I’& rsquo; m certain people will certainly love him hereafter flick.

I amazed myself with a few of the scenes I saw of myself yet that’& rsquo; s partially due to the fact that I had a director as dedicated to his craft as Simon Placater.

Who among the actors do you think played one of the most tough personality?

That’& rsquo; s hard to state since they all were challenged and also they all supplied stellar efficiencies.

But Hilda truly brought the film, needing to change perfectly in between various changes. At some times I feel she came as close as any star can to obscuring the lines between fiction and also fact. I needed to occasionally advise myself that she is acting. I believe she needs to do a master course to pass on a few of these skills she has or compose a publication or something. She is fairly remarkable.

Like I discussed previously, Sunny Neji needing to play a dual personality, I assume was additionally extremely challenging. We all needed to put in our finest too.


What sort of individual is mosting likely to enjoy this movie?

Every person, I hope! Nevertheless, I’& rsquo; ve discovered that a lot of us are tired of seeing the exact same predictable stories being recycled as well as we long for something new and also exciting. We want to see a motion picture that honours its viewing audience sufficient to engage them on visceral and also intellectual levels. It is excellent to enter into the cinema for a laugh however it’& rsquo; s also much better when the humour improves a more complex script instead of working as a crutch for bad storytelling. I hope Secured will certainly be that film for everybody that purchases a ticket.

Just how is the character you played in the movie like you? Various?

Uhrmm & hellip; I’& rsquo;d state both. Tokunbo is really tranquil, extremely patient and also understanding. I resemble that as well. I am not conveniently outraged. There was a scene in the flick where I had to act angry and also viewing the playback, I believed “& ldquo; I am either an excellent actor or I need to go for rage administration classes or both” & rdquo; or perhaps I simply had a great director due to the fact that I can not acknowledge myself once again.

That’& rsquo; s what acting does to you however. It is always a fantastic difficulty when one is secured of his convenience zone. It thrills me.

What do you enjoy about your personality in the film?

The chemistry with Belinda Effah’& rsquo; s character is dazzling. We functioned so well together it hardly felt like acting. She made it simple though, like I said prior to she is an actor I value due to the fact that she is deep as well as never ever disappoints. There was a lot of kissing. In post-production, we had to reduce some. Not by my choice however I guess the editor was envious or something, hahaha.

What do you dislike regarding your personality in the movie?

Absolutely nothing really. I guess perhaps he was as well patient and understanding and it made him seem weak or too much of a fan child. As a Warri young boy that he is, maybe he might have damaged the door or something yet love is blind as well as patient, I think.

That’& rsquo; s the craziest individual in the actors in real life?

I would certainly state Abayomi. He is not well.

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