All 26 James Bond Movies, Including ‘No Time To Die,’ Ranked From Worst To Best

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I actually sat and watched all 25 previous James Bond movies (yes, counting Sean Connery’s Never Say Never Again) during the first month of “lockdown” in April of 2020. So when I give my usual “this list will not be your list” disclaimer, I should also note that this list won’t necessarily be the list I […]







As a rising Nollywood star, you have a whole roster of projects to attach yourself to. Why did you choose to work on ‘Locked’? 

The Producer, Charles Granville called me directly and pitched the idea of the film to me and the script really convinced me.


What was so compelling about the character you play in ‘Locked’?

Bobo is an unconventional character and his motivations are hard to explain. But as a man in love with secrets to hide and secrets hidden from him, he never truly relaxes. I try to mirror this anxiety in ‘Locked’ while ensuring that I don’t over do it and turn Bobo into a caricature.


What was your most compelling line in the film?

“I will strip her naked if i have to” by Tokunbo. It happens in a moment that shifts the plot dramatically, you’d have to watch it to understand.


Who among the actors do you think played the most challenging character?

I think Charles Granville really put together a very accomplished cast and I was honestly blown away by the kind of craft they brought to the project. But Hilda Dokubo had to portray the entire complex nuance and the paranoia that defines people living with schizophrenia. It took a toll on her, but she managed to give a near perfect portrayal. Sunny Neji dual characters, Taiwo and Kehinde come a close second. Playing dual characters is a challenge for any actor, especially one just taking on the challenge.


Besides yourself, what celebrity would you like to see tackle this character?

Okay, now this is a fun question. I’d say RMD because he is an excellent actor and technology will allow him to play characters at any age.  Funke Akindele because I think she is long overdue for a role that will earn her an Oscar win. Do I need to explain that of Ramsey Noah? Did you watch The Wolf Of Wall Street? If you have, then you know why I’d choose Leonardo Decaprio.

What’s your ritual for getting into character before you step on set ?

The moment before filming begins can be very chaotic. Everyone’s moving around, trying to sort out last minute problems. I take a very deep breath in that moment and center myself before I get into costume and into character.

How do you think this movie will change the narrative about mental health?

People of my generation are pretty awake about mental illness. But they are also unwilling to be publicly branded as schizophrenic. I hope this film will help him and other people who watch see that mental illness can be as subtle as it can be disruptive and that we need to learn to recognize mental illness in all its variations. Also, it doesn’t make you crazy if you find yourself a licensed therapist to help you understand your history and your present.


What’s going to surprise people about this movie?

Well, Sunny Neji’s roles. The ending twist and the costuming of this film are all high points in the film. I feel like choosing for them will limit the answers we will eventually get.

What sort of person is going to love this movie?

People of every age, from your grandmother to your baby brother will love the very pacing of the plot, our film’s crazy antagonists and heroes. We’ve made dresses with big ambition.

How much a departure from Abayomi Alvin behaviourally was Bobo?

Bobo is a fictional character, so as such he is allowed a lot more freedom than I am. He is also impulsive, a trait that I thankfully don’t struggle with. I feel Bobo would be someone I’d meet at a concert or art gallery, but I’d doubt we’d ever be friends.

What did you find most interesting about Bobo, the character you played on ‘Locked’?

I love the fact that Bobo is free and has a wild range of expressions. His boisterous nature and his relationship with his mother especially, I found unconventional but adorable. That allowed me a certain liberty playing him.

What did you find least interesting about the character you played in the film

I hate the fact that he comes off as a coward eventually. Especially in situations where firmness could have caused everyone immediate pain yet saved them from long term consequences.


Who do you think was the most rounded actor on the cast of ‘Locked’?

I’d have to say Hilda Dokubo. She has a way of capturing your attention. Few people know she is also very funny, but it’s a situational kind of humour that only happens when she is responding to commentary from her fellow actors.



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