As the year slips gradually away, a Nollywood thriller worth queuing to see, packed with high-speed action, crisp discussion and character-driven has actually struck the movie theaters. With big-time efficiencies from Daniel K Daniel, Bloom Chukwujekwu, Kate Henshaw, Keppy Ekpenyong, Frederick Leonard and Wole Ojo, ‘& lsquo; The Fugitive & rsquo; will pass as among one of the most interesting experience thrillers of the year.

The story involves a cat-and-mouse game in between a guy unjustly charged of the murder of an investigative reporter he attempted to save, and a legislation police officer who tracks him with cunning ferocity. The film additionally shares the very same title as well as story with the 127-minute Harrison Ford thriller, The Fugitive launched in 1993 however the stories are totally various.

Daniel K Daniel as Detective Daniel Benson


Investigator Daniel Benson (Daniel K Daniel) was wrongly founded guilty for the murder of an undercover journalist, Ms. Jane Gobadia and also the tale of her killer came to be dubious as the syndicate got on a goal to get rid of all witnesses.

Bloom Chukwujekwu as Sergeant Rogers

Investigator Danny’& rsquo; s enemy and also colleague, Sergeant Rogers (Bloom Chukwujekwu) is an associate of the Distribute as well as they desire him dead or founded guilty. This urged him to perform accomplishments of difficult bold in his unstoppable pursuit for justice.


‘& lsquo; The Fugitive & rsquo; is a movie whose every element conspires to sustain crisp intelligence and also a relentless rate. The technological contributions are excellent; tight modifying, adept audio results and also a creative inventive screenplay all add mightily to the high temperature pitch. The supervisor of the motion picture, Andy Boyo has actually come up with a collection of good films in the past like Spirit of Assassin and Untamed. Developing both suspense and shock, Boyo makes certain his viewers almost never ever presume what will certainly take place next.

With a propulsive mix of activity, thriller and also wit, ‘& lsquo; The Fugitive & rsquo; is motion picture storytelling at its finest. There are however few reservations which include the weapon shot in the court room that led to the fatality of Dr. Benson as well as which instantly revoked the DNA evidence. Although the film is relentlessly manipulative, a few of the narratives will certainly fail to pass in modern courts. The Director likewise fell short to prove just how a male (Detective Benson) that leapt from a high rise structure was fit to run right away he touched ground. In all, minority qualms are quibbles that do not interfere with the motion picture experience.

After his developed getaway from the court, Detective Danny is currently a wanted lawbreaker by the legislation on the one hand as well as wanted dead by all means by the organization on the other hand. Free for the time being, yet separated in a cool winter season landscape of hostile rocks, icy water as well as barren trees, Detective Danny Benson remains a fugitive till he can reveal the plot of the distribute as well as confirm his innocence in the murder of Ms.Jane Obadia that revealed evidence that would reveal the operations of the organization.

Cinematique on the red carpet of The Fugitive Film Best

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