Kunle Afolayan to Direct ANIKULAPO

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The director Kunle Afolayan is working on his next movie and has already hinted about it on his Instagram account. The movie will be titled ANIKULAPO and will be set in Oyo state. This will be the director’s second movie since he directed ‘A Naija Christmas’ last October. The actor also shared the news about his plans to make a television series based on the movie.

The film is being produced by Kunle Afolayan, a veteran of the Nigerian film industry who has produced award-winning movies back to back. His previous movies include Araromire, which won five major awards from the African Film Academy and was a hit in Nigerian cinemas. He has also produced some big-budget movies including Phone Swap, which premiered at Nollywood Week in Paris.

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Afolayan is a well-known name in the Nigerian movie industry, and his latest movie Swallow is expected to premiere on Netflix on 1 October. His latest project is a drama-thriller that explores the burgeoning drug trade in 1980s Lagos, which was experiencing the effects of the War Against Indiscipline and austerity measures. The movie takes on a retro look and promises to transport viewers on an unforgettable ride.

Another new project from Kunle Afolayan is ‘The Citation’. It’s currently in pre-production and has already signed a deal with Senegal and Cape Verde. Filming is expected to start in January 2020. The actor met with government officials in Senegal and Africa to discuss the film’s production plans.

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The new movie has made waves on Netflix, and fans are congratulating the filmmaker on his achievement. The movie, set in the ancient Oyo kingdom, has been praised by many critics and fans alike. The movie’s story follows a young man as he struggles to find love in an impossible place. In the midst of this, he gets caught up in the lust for the forbidden.

While most of the Nollywood stars are soaring to international recognition, many of Nigerian moviemakers are following the path of their Hollywood counterparts. Fortunately for them, a number of independent production companies are stepping in and bringing fresh ideas to Nollywood. These independent producers usually have lower budgets and are not afraid to tell the truth. The result is a fresh, new look at the filmmaking process.

The movie won the Best International Film award at the National Film Awards. It was also sponsored by Rosa Fazzad of the United Kingdom. Despite the praises, the movie is not considered an Oscar contender. Nevertheless, many people tagged it as Afolayan’s best film to date.

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Kunle Afolayan to Direct ANIKULAPO
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