Phoenix Forgotten Movie Review

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The Phoenix Forgotten movie is a found-footage film about a sister’s quest to film a documentary on UFO sightings in Phoenix, Arizona. Its title is a nod to the Phoenix Lights incident, in which scores of Arizonians reported seeing strange lights in the sky. This film uses the real life UFO sightings as a backdrop, and while the movie is an absorbing piece of cinema, there are a couple of issues that detract from its overall effectiveness.

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The film begins with a series of lights in the sky over Phoenix, Arizona. The lights were bright and spun in the air for half an hour, before disappearing. Hundreds of people in the city believed that the end of the world was near, but the lights continued to appear, and eventually disappeared. The film focuses on the mysterious events that unfold in the days and nights following the lights’ disappearance.

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The story is a compelling one, and it is hard not to be drawn into Sophie’s journey. Although the story is unlikely to end happily, the film succeeds in grabbing the attention of its audience and putting it through a range of emotions. Even if Sophie doesn’t get a happy ending, we will be rooting for her 100% of the way.

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Phoenix Forgotten Movie Review
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