Avengers Endgame Release in Kuwait

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Avengers: Endgame is set for a record opening in the UAE, where it has already achieved over 100,000 pre-sales. The film will open on 200 screens throughout the UAE, and will also feature exclusive premieres in Vox Cinemas in select cities. For more information about the movie, visit avengers.com.

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The film was supposed to be released in the United Arab Emirates on November 11. It features the new superheroes called the ‘Eternals’ who were created by the Celestials to protect Earth from the Deviants. However, this movie was delayed due to local censor demands.

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While the United States has yet to release Avengers: Endgame in Kuwait, several Arab nations, including the UAE and Malaysia, have banned it. This is not the first time that a Marvel movie has been banned in the Middle East. Earlier, The Hollywood Reporter claimed that several countries had banned Avengers: Infinity War. In addition to Thor, other films involving the superheroes had been banned.

The newest Avengers film is expected to surpass James Cameron’s Avatar at the box office in a few weeks. The movie is set after the events of “Infinity War” and ties up the 22-film arc of the Marvel “cinematic universe”. It stars Chris Hemsworth, Angelina Jolie, Lauren Ridloff, Don Lee, Lia McHugh, and Josh Brolin.

The new Avengers movie tries to undo the damage that Thanos has caused during Infinity War. Despite the recent controversy, fans have been eagerly waiting for this movie to be released in Kuwait. The movie is set to be an epic finale in which the Avengers will fight Thanos.

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