A List of Afterlife Films

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Many movies have explored the afterlife and its various manifestations. They depict Heaven and Hell, and sometimes include limbo, purgatory, and ghosts. Some of the movies are quite humorous, while others are quite grim. But a list of afterlife films isn’t complete without a movie about death.

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For your convenience, we have listed the best afterlife films in order of relevance. Whether you prefer serious movies or feel-good films, this list has something for everyone. There are films with dialogue and storytelling, those shot in different countries, and many more. The next time you want to watch an afterlife movie, consider these five films.

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Heaven is For Real: Based on the bestselling novel by Lynn Vincent, this movie is about a pastor’s son who had a near death experience. He reluctantly shares the story because it challenges his beliefs about God and the afterlife. In the process, he learns to face his own doubts and questions.

The Human Spirit: Another film about the afterlife is the classic romance The Graduate. It stars Clint Eastwood, Matt Damon, and Holly Hunter. It follows a journalist who experienced near death after the 2004 tsunami, a grieving woman, and a young boy who lost his twin brother. The movie also stars Richard Dreyfuss as a professional medium. The film also features Audrey Hepburn as the departed lover of a grieving woman.

The Lovely Bones – A melancholic fantasy about a young girl in 1970s Middle America. Its plot revolves around the idea of ghost love and explores the relationship between the living and the dead. Its screenplay cleverly links the afterlife with romance. Its romantic aspects also help audiences invest in the storyline.

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