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‘The Next 365 Days’, the third installment in Netflix’s 365 Days series, continues the story of Laura and Massimo. The film follows the characters’ complicated relationship as they try to decide which one is best for them. Laura is married to Massimo, but she has serious feelings for Nacho.

Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) survived the tunnel attack at the end of the first movie. However, she lost her unborn child. Massimo, her mob boss turned fiance, does not know Laura is pregnant. Instead, he and Laura spend a lot of time having sex during their honeymoon. Laura’s cousin Olga, meanwhile, has been having sex with her boyfriend’s associate Domenico.

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The movie has received a lot of positive and negative reviews. While it has a huge fan base, many sexual assault survivors have criticized it. “365 Days” was a blatant ripoff of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” a book by Nicholas Sparks that was a sex-oriented fan fiction. Many women have accused the movie of glorifying sexual assault and sex trafficking, and Duffy even wrote a letter to Netflix’s CEO to complain.

The Next 365 Days movie is based on the novel of the same name. Laura Torricelli, the wife of a powerful Mafia boss in Sicily, is a potential target for her unscrupulous enemies. A few actors from the first two movies have returned for the third installment. Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone will reprise their roles, and Otar Saralidze has joined the cast as Nacho.

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While it had a repellent rape-culture premise, “365 Days” was a compelling fantasy. The movie was about a Warsaw girl Laura falling for an Italian mafia boss, Don Massimo Torricelli (Michele Morrone). He abducted Laura and promised to release her after 365 days. The crooked boss looks like an underwear model and spends like a Russian oligarch.

While the third installment of 365 Days was given the green light, filming for the fourth installment is on hold. The next installment could be set around Olga’s wedding. This could be a good setting for more drama to unfold. However, we have no way of knowing for sure until Netflix releases it.

The movie is quite different from the book. Massimo is a total villain. Laura leaves him to seduce Nacho, and eventually marries him. However, the two do fall in love and have a daughter together. This film is about how one man is forced to make sacrifices for his love.

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