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John Boyega is a British Nigerian actor best known for playing Finn in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. He shares a striking resemblance to Denzel Washington, and has been compared to the Oscar-winning actor in recent interviews. However, the two actors do not know each other that well. John Boyega is a relative newcomer to the film industry, and his approach to film characters could be completely different than Washington’s. As a result, he may be more prone to mix-and-match with the various movie buffs and celebs in his role.

While Denzel Washington’s career is already underway, it is still flattering for a rising actor to be compared to one of Hollywood’s most legendary actors. While he isn’t quite as polished as Denzel Washington, Boyega is a talented actor who is constantly on his toes. He hopes to establish a filmography that rivals Washington’s. With this in mind, he’ll be looking forward to working with Washington again.

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The actor is excited for the trilogy to be released. He recently went to a movie theater dressed in a mask so no one would recognize him. As part of a promotional stunt, he was able to watch the trailers of Breaking and The Woman King. The hype surrounding the films is palpable.

In the meantime, John Boyega is preparing to occupy Washington territory with his next movie. As his character, Brian Brown-Esley, he faces a variety of challenges. His energy on set made his director’s job easier. Kwame Kwei-Armah, who wrote the screenplay for “Break,” said he knew Boyega was going to be good in the role, but was still pleasantly surprised.

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Although John Boyega shares many similarities with Denzel Washington, there are a few differences between the two actors. Boyega’s facial features are similar, while Denzel Washington’s are quite different. They both have dark skin and short hair. Therefore, if you’re looking for an actor with a similar appearance to Denzel Washington, you might want to consider casting a black actor.

Boyega’s debut standalone film, Red, White and Blue, is based on a miniseries on the 1980s that has been made by the BBC. His character is a black Met police officer. Despite the fact that the film is set in the 1980s, it is still relevant and timely. Recently, he wrapped up the final scenes of the film.

The next film featuring Boyega and Denzel Washington will follow the events that occurred in the first film. This time, the actors will be reunited with their characters. Both Boyega and Washington will be joined by Steven Seagal and Ariana Grande. As the sequel to The Last Dragon, the movie picks up 30 years after the events that took place in the first movie.

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