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The Nutty Professor is a remake of the classic 1963 comedy starring Jerry Lewis and Eddie Murphy. In this film, Murphy plays Professor Sherman Klump, a brilliant University chemistry teacher who struggles with excessive obesity. He develops a chemical formula that restructures the genetic code, and decides to experiment on himself as a guinea pig. The testosterone-filled potion transforms him into a slim, confident man.

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Its quirky humor and dual roles make it a fun family movie to watch with children. Although the movie retreads the plot of the original film, it’s still funny and enjoyable. And Eddie Murphy does a great job in both roles. The Nutty Professor is an adult comedy, so it’s not too risque for younger kids, and it has many references to mid-century culture. The script is also full of smutty double entendres and jokes about colon cleansing.

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While The Nutty Professor 2008 watch online isn’t available on Netflix, you can still watch it through various streaming services. You can rent or purchase the movie or subscribe to services such as Now TV Cinema. You can watch thousands of free movies and shows on the site. You can also watch the film in its entirety on Apple TV.

The Nutty Professor is an animated direct-to-DVD sequel. Starring Lewis and Drake Bell, the film is an excellent family movie for kids and adults alike. It has been described as Lewis’s best film and is remembered by audiences as one of his most memorable. In fact, it was chosen for preservation in the United States National Film Registry as a cultural, historical, and aesthetically significant film.

Watching The Nutty Professor online is easy and convenient. It’s available on popular streaming sites, and you can also stream the movie on your TV or on your computer. Despite being a remake of the Jerry Lewis classic, the film is well worth watching if you love Jerry Lewis comedy.

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