10 Actors Who Turned Down Roles in Successful Movies

10 Actors Who Turned Down Roles in Successful Movies photo 0

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it was DiCaprio that was suggested to have taken on the duty of Alan Turing in ‘& lsquo; The Replica Game’ & rsquo;(2014). Cumberbatch wound up taking it on rather.

2. Chiwetel Ejiofor

According to a short article released in Selection, director Sam Mendes wanted Scott to play the function of C in ‘& lsquo; Spectre & rsquo;(2015) due to the fact that he can be paid US$ 1 million much less than Ejiofor.

3. Jennifer Hudson

According to the Huffington Article, Hudson declined to play the major duty in ‘& lsquo; Precious & rsquo;(2009). Sidibe played the component instead.

10 Actors Who Turned Down Roles in Successful Movies photo 1

4. Kevin Hart

In an interview with the The Hollywood Reporter, Hart verified that he had declined the duty of Alpa Chino in ‘& lsquo; Tropic Thunder & rsquo; (2008)because he wasn’& rsquo; t able to commit to the function 100%. Jackson took the duty instead.

5. Anne Hathaway

According to Appeal, Hathaway didn’& rsquo; t wish to star in ‘& lsquo; Knocked Up & rsquo;( 2007 ), as the movie consisted of a scene where her character would give birth. Heigl tackled the function rather.

6. Beyoncé

According to Yahoo!, the director of ‘& lsquo; Appeal and also the Beast’ & rsquo;(2017)desired Beyoncé to be the voice of Plumette. But Knowles declined the component, so it went to Mbatha-Raw. 7. Matt Damon In 2019, Matt

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exposed that he had to refuse a function in & lsquo; Character & rsquo; even though he would’& rsquo; ve received 10% of the earnings, which would’& rsquo; ve netted him around US$ 250 million. The star said it was due to the fact that he was devoted to the ‘& lsquo; Bourne & rsquo; franchise.

8. Emily Blunt

Blunt had been the front runner to play Black Widow in ‘& lsquo; Iron Guy 2 & rsquo;(2010). According to MTV, conflicts with various other movies led Blunt to decline the function, which went to Johansson rather.

9. Emma Roberts

According to the New York City Message, Roberts would have shown up in ‘& lsquo; Springtime Breakers & rsquo;(2012), yet creative differences implied that Benson wound up taking the part.

10. Jennifer Lawrence

Range states that Tarantino desired Lawrence to appear in ‘& lsquo; The Inhuman 8’ & rsquo; (2015 ), but the starlet was too hectic with various other films and so her part mosted likely to Jennifer Jason Leigh.

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10 Actors Who Turned Down Roles in Successful Movies
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