All 26 James Bond Movies, Including ‘No Time To Die,’ Ranked From Worst To Best

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I actually sat and watched all 25 previous James Bond movies (yes, counting Sean Connery’s Never Say Never Again) during the first month of “lockdown” in April of 2020. So when I give my usual “this list will not be your list” disclaimer, I should also note that this list won’t necessarily be the list I […]




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Reese Witherspoon Says Legally Blonde 3 Still Doesn’t Have A Script.

Reese Witherspoon Says Legally Blonde 3 Still Doesn’t Have A Script.


Legally Blonde 3, which is expected to debut in May 2022, still doesn’t have a script from writer Mindy Kaling, says Reese Witherspoon.

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Legally Blonde 3 still doesn’t have a script, says Reese Witherspoon. Released in 2001, Legally Blonde became a cult classic and helped to solidify Witherspoon as a pop culture icon. Dominating the box office upon its initial release, Legally Blonde spawned a sequel, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde. Following Elle Woods on her new career in Washington, the sequel appeared to be the final installment of Elle’s journey. However, in 2018, Witherspoon announced she would don her character’s pink wardrobe again in Legally Blonde 3. Penned by Mindy Kaling and Dan Goor, Legally Blonde 3 is expected to debut in May 2022. Now, Witherspoon has offered an update.

Speaking with ET, Witherspoon revealed that Legally Blonde 3 still doesn’t have a script. Witherspoon stated that Elle has probably experienced numerous changes over the last two decades while remaining the same in many ways. Revealing that the script is still in progress and Kaling is currently hard at work to unfold the next chapter of Elle’s life, Witherspoon said:

We don’t have a script yet! Mindy Kaling’s busy. Mindy’s working hard on it, I know she is. And she and I just love each other. We have a great laugh just thinking about, ‘What would Elle Woods be doing right now?’




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