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Femi Adelana has not shared many pictures of her family and home on social media. This is because she wants her family to live a normal life without being hounded by the media. She has also thanked God for His Grace. She and her husband have been married for thirteen years. Their wedding anniversary is on 16 September 2020. She attended Treasureland nursery and primary school in Surulere and Saint Francis Catholic secondary school in Idimu. She later went to University of Lagos where she obtained a BSc in urban and regional planning.

Femi Adelana has two children with his wife Tana Adelana. Both of them are successful businessmen who keep a low profile. They are not active on social media. Femi Adelana has not posted any pictures of her kids on social media. Her wife has revealed that she has a low-key life and avoids the media. However, she did release a photo of her husband shortly after she attended a funeral rite for her grandmother.

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Femi Adelana has a long-term relationship with Tana Adelana, whom he married in 2005. They have been married for over ten years and have two children together. Unlike their wives, Femi Adelana does not post his pictures on social media.

Femi Adelana has a lot of fans. She has been a part of numerous movies and TV shows. Her career has led to her net worth of $3.5 million. Her biography includes the details about her education, wiki, parents, house, children, and relatives. She also has a lot of fans on social media.

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Tana Adelana was born in Lagos State in 1984. She is a member of the Igbo ethnic group. She later married a Yoruba man. She is currently 35 years old and a householder. She is the last of 10 children. She is an active member of the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Nollywood actress, producer, and entrepreneur. She is the face of a television show called Uncensored with Tana. She is also a model for MTN. She was even the face of a collectible for four years. Her career has led to an impressive list of endorsements.

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