All 26 James Bond Movies, Including ‘No Time To Die,’ Ranked From Worst To Best

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I actually sat and watched all 25 previous James Bond movies (yes, counting Sean Connery’s Never Say Never Again) during the first month of “lockdown” in April of 2020. So when I give my usual “this list will not be your list” disclaimer, I should also note that this list won’t necessarily be the list I […]




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The Ellen DeGeneres Show Is Under Internal Investigation

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Is Under Internal Investigation


The Ellen DeGeneres Show is under internal investigation by WarnerMedia following a series of allegations of racism, workplace intimidation and other mistreatment made by employees of the popular daytime talk show.

The Ellen Degeneres Show
Ellen Degeneres

It’s been something of an open secret that conditions behind-the-scenes of DeGeneres’ popular daytime show are less than ideal. Rumors of a toxic work environment have been circulating for a while now, but this is the first time that any major action has been taken to investigate allegations of misconduct. It’s unclear at this time what further action will be taken (if any), or who the third party company is, but hopefully conditions for the show’s staff improve as a result. The Ellen DeGeneres Show is currently in its 17th season, with nearly 3,000 episodes having been produced since it premiered back in 2003.

A person familiar with the situation confirmed to NPR on Tuesday that WarnerMedia has begun an investigation into complaints of toxic workplace behavior behind the scenes at the show. Variety first reported on Monday that the internal investigation is underway.

Earlier this month, BuzzFeed News published a string of allegations about workplace misconduct made by 11 unnamed current and former employees. Their complaints included firings after taking medical or bereavement leave; a Black employee having racist comments levied at her by senior staff; and staffers being told not to speak directly to DeGeneres.

The alleged behavior, the accusers said, is at odds with the “be kind” ethos that DeGeneres presents on air. In a joint statement to BuzzFeed News, executive producers Ed Glavin, Mary Connelly and Andy Lassner said that they took the allegations “very seriously,” adding in part: “We are truly heartbroken and sorry to learn that even one person in our production family has had a negative experience.”

The unnamed accusers said executive producers and human resources were accountable for the alleged mistreatment — but one said that DeGeneres “really needs to take responsibility,” according to BuzzFeed News.



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